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Weatherford International Ltd.

15 Alpenstrasse, 6300 Zug
Téléphone : +41 22 816 15 00


Weatherford International is specialized in the conception and the manufacturing of systems and equipments to the petroleum and gas industries. Net sales break down by activity as follows:
- services of oil and gas (62.9%): services of drilling, exploration of wells, evaluation of reservoirs, measure of physical properties underground training, stimulation, etc;
- construction and sale of equipments (37.1%): systems of elevation and lifting systems for measuring the flow of gas and oil pipes, drilling components, production platforms, etc.
Nets sales are distributed geographically as follows: United States (35.4%), Canada (11.1%), Middle East-North Africa-Asia (24.9%), Europe and West Africa (16%) and Latin America (12.6%).

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