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Silic 168 38 place de la Seine, 94150 Rungis
Téléphone : +33 (0)1 41 73 56 00


Founded in 1986, Sécurinfor is a computer services company, specialising in the management and the maintenance of computer networks for major accounts. It's activity is based around 3 sectors:
- maintenance (51% of sales): the 'Tierce Maintenance Applicatif' process on the client's premises and in the company workshop;
- outsourcing (34%): client assistance and management of computer networks;
- other (15%): post-sales services, repair in the company workshop, integration of computer equipment and logistical services. End 2000, the group developed its own logistics management software package: Eole.
The division of sales by client activity sector is as follows: banks and insurance companies (34%), administration (25%), construction (15%), industry (11%), distribution (4%) and other (11%).
All sales are generated in France.

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